Aquatic Results (April 17th)

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Aquatic Results (April 17th) Empty Aquatic Results (April 17th)

Post by Satsuma on Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:26 am

Presenting today's results for aquatic events!
Note* (M) = men (W) = women. Though we have a number of events, it will not be as comprehensive as the real Olympics. Remember, this is all for fun. Your colour indicates medal Gold Silver Bronze
Diving (M): Great Churubusco Karlom-Terevanyia Ile St-Jean
Diving (W): Ile St-Jean Great Churubusco Qikiqtaaluk Nunaavut
50m Swimming - freestyle (M): Metplia Nayrin Satsuma
50m Swimming - freestyle (W): Satsuma Karlom-Terevanyia Great Churubusco
100m Swimming - freestyle (M): Nayrin Qikiqtaaluk Nunaavut North-East Berma
100m Swimming - freestyle (W): Annam Nayrin Satsuma
200m Swimming - freestyle (M): Unrevealing Annam Qikiqtaaluk Nunaavut
Water Polo (M): Annam Great Churubusco Nayrin
Water Polo (W): Qikiqtaaluk Nunaavut Unrevealing North-East Berma
Canoe/Kayak Race (M): Nayrin Karlom-Terevanyia Qikiqtaaluk Nunaavut
Canoe/Kayak Race (W):Qikiqtaaluk Nunaavut Unrevealing Metplia

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