Bourassa Accord (Est. April 2, 2014)

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Bourassa Accord (Est. April 2, 2014) Empty Bourassa Accord (Est. April 2, 2014)

Post by Nayrin on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:57 pm

1. Establish a communal "ORIENT" (Oriental Regional Identification Express Network and Trade) card, serving as an advanced passport for member-states to ease travel and trade. The proposed ORIENT Card would be reserved to statesmen, diplomats, trade delegates and businesses/industries where member-states cooperate. These cards will allow speedy travel without a passport over land, sea and air. Individual member-states will determine who merits an ORIENT Card and may opt out over border sovereignty concerns.

2. The collaborative effort to establish an Oriental Silicon Valley, promoting technological advances, shared investment in information technology and positioning the Orient as a region of digital entrepreneurship and innovation.

3. All signatories to adopt the Indigenous and Minority Population Policy Initiative (IMPPI), an effort to promote and protect indigenous/minority peoples and cultures within their respective states. States may form their own independent programs but should place importance on education, policy aimed at community investment and growth as well as cultural understanding. In addition, the OTO should endeavour to support all cultural initiatives sponsored by The New Dawn and Harmonious Union Party, two organizations committed to a strong Oriental identity.

4. Support continued mutual investment within the OTO by sponsoring university "study abroad" programs, easing student and work visas, as well as cooperative education and work programs.

5. Establishment of the Oriental Consulate building to serve as property of the OTO and no sovereign state. The Oriental Consulate will house a diplomatic mission from every member-state. This building will be constructed in a city that would be voted on by member states of the OTO.

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