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Oriental National Congress Party Empty Oriental National Congress Party

Post by Nayrin on Fri Apr 18, 2014 5:30 pm

The Oriental National Congress Party (ONC) represents an effort to unite members of the People's Party of the Orient, the Imperial Party, the Sovereignty Front as well as independents, into a new political movement in the Orient.

We support national sovereignty, the founding documents of our region and a more powerful region through a programme of inter-regional institution building. In sum: Security, Region-Building and Good Government!

Our platform includes:

1. Building institutional bodies in the Oriental region to increase cooperation, cultural exchange, prosperity and non-partisan government.

2. An endorsement of the Oriental Trade Organization as an example of inter-state cooperation capable of fostering unity while respecting sovereignty of member-states.

3. To strengthen the Orient, our region must be powerful and active. To achieve this, we must create Oriental traditions, a new flag and a flourishing culture.

4. A foreign policy based on security and support for oppressed regions.

5. Pressing for continual reform of regional administration towards greater democracy and transparency.

Ile St-Jean

"United, one Oriental people!"

Founders and Joint-Premiers of the ONC Nayrin, Satusma and Annam

Premier of the Orient. Minister of Immigration. Co-Premier: Harmonious Union Party.

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