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Fourth Amendment Empty Fourth Amendment

Post by Nayrin on Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:54 pm

Fourth Amendment

Electoral Reform

The first clause of The Oriental Supreme Court shall now read:

1. The creation of an ORIENTAL SUPREME COURT consisting of 3 JUDGES who will enforce the CRIMINAL CODE OF THE ORIENTAL STATE and interpret or protect this Constitution as they see fit. These JUDGES will be elected by popular vote in regional forum every 4 months.

The first clause of the Second Amendment shall now read:
1. The CHAIRMAN will be elected by popular vote in regional forum every four months. The powers endowed within this position will be reserved to the following: tallying the votes of each member of CONGRESS, raising regional awareness of legislation in debate and educating new members of CONGRESS on voting procedures and decorum in debate.

This amendment will forbid and condemn any future “executive orders” or extra-constitutional positions EXCLUDING non-executive positions (ie. OU administration, Oriental Games Commissioner) with no endowed political powers.

“Opt-Out” Clause

In the spirit of the sovereignty – influenced language of our founding documents, member-states may choose to opt out of previously passed legislation EXCLUDING the CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS and CRIMINAL CODE OF THE ORIENT (or bills/organizations explicitly noting voluntary membership) on the basis of “conscientious non-compliance” - willful negligence of the bill should it interfere with the state’s interior political structure or cultural practices.

Referendum Clause
The use of a referendum, within the NS regional forum, to validate policy is permitted. However, all referendum posts must be framed with clear questions, options and be given a 72 hour voting period. Referendums will require a majority of 50% of voters, as with all non-Amendment bills in the Congress.

Authored by Annam

Premier of the Orient. Minister of Immigration. Co-Premier: Harmonious Union Party.

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