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Post by North-East Berma on Tue Nov 19, 2013 1:41 am

Oriental Kuomintang  Blue_Sky_White_Sun

Oriental Kuomintang

The 7 Points of The Oriental Kuomintang

  • We demand the equality of all citizens regardless, of race, gender, sexuality, religion, family status, maritial status or wealth. Before an unbiased Court of Judgement.

  • We demand the restoration of total democracy. ¬†Achieved latter to a period of "enlightened dictatorship" in which a strong provisional, unbiased government will set out the guidelines for our regional government.

  • We demand that the needs of the individual ¬†be put before the needs of the state.

  • We demand that the Oriental State enter "armed neutrality" reserving the right to engage in military operations if needed.

  • We demand that the judicial courts only use banjection as a a last resort.

  • We demand the seperation of church and state.

  • We demand the ratifcation of the Geneva Accords.

Members of the Oriental Kuomintang

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North-East Berma
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