"Oriental Definite Tolerance Act" (Est. April 2, 2014)

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"Oriental Definite Tolerance Act" (Est. April 2, 2014)

Post by Nayrin on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:43 pm

APPALED at the confusion of new members
SHOCKED at the lack of a solution to this problem.
The delegation from Great Churubusco hereby submits the "Oriental Definite Tolerance Act" for approval by the Congress.
1. This bill enacts that a clear and definite message be put into the factbook for the Orient stating that the Orient allows nations of all races, creeds, religious and non-religious views, and political theories. This shall be stated obviously, and clearly for all new members to see when they look at the Oriental Factbook.
2. This bill enacts the removal of any members of the Orient who dare discriminate based on language, race, creed, religious and non-religious views, and political theories. Anyone who discriminates and hates shall be banned from the Orient without warning.
3. A warning for all those who dare to discriminate shall be posted also.

This bill was authored by the delegation from Great Churubusco

Premier of the Orient. Minister of Immigration. Co-Premier: Harmonious Union Party.

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