Oriental Rejuvenation Bill (Est. March 6, 2014)

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Oriental Rejuvenation Bill (Est. March 6, 2014) Empty Oriental Rejuvenation Bill (Est. March 6, 2014)

Post by Nayrin on Fri Mar 07, 2014 4:31 pm

EAGER to build a stronger and unified Orient in the 5th Congress

The National People’s Congress enacts the following Oriental Rejuvenation Bill:

1. Promoting a competition for designing the new Oriental flag, creating activity in the region, to be voted on in the regional forum.

2. Exploring the option of holding an Oriental Games festival, like the Olympics, to increase role-playing. This will be run by the Oriental Games Commissioner, who is chosen by the President. The games will be held in the country chosen by the Commissioner and will rotate to visit the entire Orient.

3. Promote role-play as an important part of being a member of the Orient.

Bill Authored by Satsuma Domain

4. Make March 25th “Orient Day”,  to celebrate the progress this region has made.

Premier of the Orient. Minister of Immigration. Co-Premier: Harmonious Union Party.

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