3rd Amendment to the Constitution:

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3rd Amendment to the Constitution: Empty 3rd Amendment to the Constitution:

Post by Nayrin on Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:36 pm

3rd Amendment to the Constitution:
Third Amendment
In light of incursions into our region and foreign occupation, found to possibly be the work of espionage or lax immigration policy, this amendment calls for the following reforms:
1. The second clause of The Territory of the Oriental State in the ORIENTAL CONSTITUTION shall now read – “Future admitted states to THE ORIENTAL STATE will face no discrimination in regards to their state politics or personal convictions. However, immigrants will be subject to a background check and be required to apply for citizenship. This duty shall be undertaken by the Minister of Immigration.”
2. The establishment of the position “Minister of Immigration” to oversee the duties listed above. This minister will serve a term limit of four months with the potential for impeachment by 75% of voting members and will be appointed by the President, respectful of the advice of the PREMIER and wishes of the CONGRESS. Any member-state may operate as the Minister.
3. Any previous member-state who wishes to return to the Orient must re-apply for citizenship, receiving no preferential treatment.
4. The CRIMINAL CODE OF THE ORIENT shall include “citizenship fraud” as a charge for providing false information to achieve entry into the Orient, with a sentence of immediate banjection.

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3rd Amendment to the Constitution: Empty Re: 3rd Amendment to the Constitution:

Post by Great Churubusco on Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:51 pm

I vote for this amendment
Great Churubusco
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