“Oriental Trade Organization Agreement” (Est. Dec 26, 2013)

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“Oriental Trade Organization Agreement” (Est. Dec 26, 2013) Empty “Oriental Trade Organization Agreement” (Est. Dec 26, 2013)

Post by Nayrin on Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:35 am

ENDEAVOURING to increase regional co-operation between states in the Orient and foster a stronger community

RECOGNIZING that economic ties through trade represent a significant means by which to achieve this goal and bolster regional prosperity.

RESOLVE that Oriental states adopt the “Oriental Trade Organization Agreement” to create conditions for better economic relations.

1. The passage of this bill will ratify the creation of a VOLUNTARY association of free Oriental states henceforth known as the Oriental Trade Organization (OTO) with the expressed purpose of promoting trade and prosperity among partner nations.

2. Members of the OTO will work to eliminate major barriers to trade between partner nations in the Orient while respectful of fair competition.

3. The OTO will act to mediate economic disputes between members in a democratic fashion, each member with a single vote and a necessary majority to guarantee a ruling. In terms of creating bilateral or multi-lateral agreements between states (which will be called motions) the required level of support is all 100% (of all concerned parties). Any rulings/trade agreements will not contravene the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

4. The OTO will commit to liberalizing trade regulations to allow for members to invest in other member states and engage in mutually beneficial multilateral trade agreements.

5. The OTO will support regional and WA legislation promoting trade relations, stronger markets and state-sovereignty in matters of economics. The OTO will also potentially promote trade with other recognized economic treaty bodies in neighbouring regions, respecting the Oriental Executive's opinion on the matter.

6. Following the passage of this agreement and endorsement of these principles, willing member-states may establish a new section of the forum to further expand upon and administrate the OTO.

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