Motion: Emergency and Conflict Act (Est. Dec 19, 2013)

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Motion: Emergency and Conflict Act (Est. Dec 19, 2013) Empty Motion: Emergency and Conflict Act (Est. Dec 19, 2013)

Post by Nayrin on Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:09 pm

The National People's Congress of the Oriental State,
HORRIFIED at the recent subjugation of allied regions (ex. the Kaiiro Union) and other free regions by the aggressive warfare of the Black Riders.
CONCERNED with the potential for invasion and in the larger context of potential interstate conflict within the ORIENTAL STATE that provisions for such situations must exist as a contingency plan.
DETERMINED to ensure the sovereignty of the Oriental State and the democratic organs and principles which define it.
AWARE of the need to secure the region and nations within.
RESOLVE to enact the motion “Emergency and Conflict Act”, endowing the following parties with these emergency powers at the enacting of this legislation until it is rescinded:
1. The ORIENTAL PRESIDENT shall formulate a password as a temporary measure to protect the ORIENTAL STATE from invasion. This shall not qualify as "discrimination" under the Constitution, as applying members are not discriminated on grounds of their character but in regards to potential threats to undermine the ORIENTAL GOVERNMENT and CONSTITUTION.
2. The ORIENTAL PREMIER shall endeavor to be in contact with allied regions to collaborate against any threat against Oriental and allied sovereignty, within the advice of the NATIONAL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS.
3. In the event of inter-state conflict in the ORIENTAL STATE, matters which fall under the jurisdiction of the CRIMINAL CODE will be dealt with by the SUPREME COURT as a dispute resolution body.
4. The creation of a voluntary military body termed the ORIENTAL FORCES, comprised only of willing members as proposed by regional member Karlom-Terevanyia, to aid in conflict dispute, information sharing, anti-terrorist campaigns and defending against foreign incursions. Any nation who refuses membership on a matter of conscience will not be punished or persecuted for their decision. In the event of interior conflict or concerns, the ORIENTAL FORCES shall endeavour to cooperate in ensuring the stability of the region while respecting individual national sovereignty.
5. The ORIENTAL PRESIDENT shall receive the temporary power to declare war on foreign regions, on advice of the ORIENTAL PREMIER but ONLY with the support of two-thirds of voting nations.
These provisions shall be permitted until a vote to rescind said powers, though it may be used in the event of any regional conflict.

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